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Color Therapy

Photographe Fabrice Cormy
Styliste Virginie Fauconnier

Jean Kiabi. Chemise Sunchild. Robe Hello Simone. T shirt et blouse Bonton. Claquettes Freedom Moses sur Neofamily . Lunettes Very French Gangsters
Combinaison et short Kiabi. Sandales Cyrillus. Short Letter to the World. Lunettes Collection X The New Society sur Smallable. Pantalon Bonton. Chemise Jelly Mallow.
Chemise et t shirt Bonton. Chemise Jelly Mallow. Veste et short Hello Simone. T shirt Kiabi. Lunettes Very French Gangsters
Jupe Letter to the World. T shirt Hello Simone. Claquettes Givenchy. Bermuda Sunchild . Veste et t shirt The New Society. T shirt Bonton
Robe Hello Simone. Veste, chemise et short Bonton. T shirt Louis Louise. Pantalon Kiabi. Pinata baleine My Little Day
Jupe Hello Simone. Pantalon Sunchild. Maillot de bain Sundek X Bonton. Robe et short Louis Louise.

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